Our Manifesto

A statement of our aims, proposals, principles, and intentions

Our Manifesto

A Future Among the Stars is a Bright Future

We think that a future where humanity is living on multiple planets, in multiple systems, where humanity is living on diverse worlds throughout the galaxy, the Universe, even the multiverse, and has encountered and befriended intelligent beings that did not evolve on Earth, is much more interesting, appealing, and exciting than one where humanity is confined to a single system or a single world, and remains alone in the Universe.

We can only Safeguard our Future by Inhabiting Multiple Worlds

To ensure the highest possible standard of living for not only the current generations, but for all future generations into the foreseeable future, it is imperative that we spread out to multiple worlds in multiple systems, lest an unpredictable event that cannot be prevented or prepared for endanger Earth or even the entire Solar system. You undoubtedly have family and friends you care about, and care about any descendants you may have, and the descendants of your family and friends. You probably wish for these folks, living and unborn, whom you care for, to have the brightest future and the highest standard of living. The best way to guarantee this is to support and work towards spreading humanity to the planets, and to the stars.

We Must Reduce the Strain on our Homeworld

We have damaged Earth's environment and climate, and every year Earth's climate continues to be destroyed, we urgently need to reduce the strain on our homeworld. The fastest and most reliable way would be to move hundreds or thousands of millions offworld. To that end we must locate new habitable yet uninhabited worlds, and develop the technologies to reach them in a timely manner. Given the apparent rarity of Earthlike conditions, this may even require us to reach distant galaxies, or even breach the interuniversal barrier and find other similar Universes, should they prove to exist, which we are fairly certain they do, given our work on quantum relativity (particularly, our own Tachyonic Superstring Theory) and our findings there.

We Must Focus on Social Science, and Societal Changes First

… and then develop the needed technologies to aid and help bring about these changes.

While the technology is very important and absolutely vital, at the same time, the reason why we want to do this, why we want to go through with this project, is of even greater importance. Developing these technologies for the wrong reasons is just as bad, or even worse, as doing nothing. If all of the technologies and infrastructure already existed, we would still have reason to go through with our project. It's not enough to develop the technologies needed for interstellar travel, we're trying to ensure humanity's survival long into the future, that requires societal changes as well.

We have countless times made the argument that why we're doing this is ultimately more important than how, sure, more folks would be interested in our project if we focused on the technology primarily or solely, and more probably will be interested as these technologies are steadily developed. But all of that increased interest would be only in the technical aspects of our project, and not in the absolutely critical reasons which motivated, continues to, and will continue to motivate the project.

If this slows down our project, then so be it, it would be better that this project takes the better part of a century but is built by folks who are interested in it for the sake of humanity's survival, for the sake of making humanity's future brighter, with the highest possible standard of living for all human beings, than to have this project come to completion in a mere decade but by folks who are only interested in the technical aspects, in the technology alone.

IRIS/AsteronX's Goal

The creation of a transstellar union, the technologies and societal changes necessary to reach such a state is IRIS/AsteronX's goal/objective. This will be achieved via the creation of a large-scale international movement and effort, starting with the development and dissemination of new energy sources in cooperation with other groups working in the same or similar directions. We think that achieving routine, practical, and inexpensive interstellar flights is critical to mankind's future survival. Additional goals of IRIS/AsteronX are, the rapid dissemination of new, non-polluting, clean, and efficient energy sources, new aircraft and aerospacecraft to reduce humanity's environmental and climatic footprint, new and less expensive materials for all kinds of construction, the establishment and rapid expansion of a space-based industry, including manufacturing and mining, to reduce our impact on planet Earth, and decrease the cost of living and therefore increase the standard of living.

Preservation of the Planet

First and foremost, the objective and purpose of IRIS/AsteronX is the preservation of the planet, and therefore humanity. IRIS/AsteronX discusses and otherwise brings to light information and news to fight against the prevailing environmental and climatic ills. This is both in the form of informative-cautionary videos about current and upcoming hazards to the planet's environment and climate, and in the form of educational-informative videos about new technologies, theories, and other industrial-technical or societal developments that can improve or are improving the planet's environment, climate, and overall state, and the overall standard of living of humanity.

Internationality of IRIS/AsteronX, Fight Against Anti-Science Movements

IRIS/AsteronX is a community whose members can come from any country in the world.

IRIS/AsteronX does not restrict its activities to specific countries or continents; indeed, its members are already active international.

IRIS/AsteronX started as a long-range international project, with members hailing from many countries in both hemispheres, going forward, even as IRIS/AsteronX moves into an engineering and construction phase as is necessary to achieve the goals of IRIS/AsteronX, the organisation must and will remain fundamentally international. Only this way can the objectives and aims of IRIS/AsteronX actually be achieved.

The fight for life, for humanity's future, for truth, is a fight against lies, untruths, pseudoscience, con-artists, charlatanry, a battle that must be fought with all conceivable means of information and instruction. IRIS/AsteronX provides information on truth, but also concedes that each and every individual has the right to his/her own opinion.

What Have Been our Achievements So Far?

Really, the most important aspect of the mission of IRIS/AsteronX is the understanding and reasoning behind why we should do this, go into and master space and space travel out into the galactic sphere, and establish a peaceful and multi-planet, multi-system voluntary and equal union of humanity. In this regard we have already achieve some successes with our videos/short documentaries, our discussions on social media and elsewhere with individuals, and the creation of a small but growing community of like-minded individuals, all of whom see that going into and mastering space and space travel is critical to humanity's future.

What is IRIS/AsteronX?

IRIS, the International Research Institute for Space, also known as ‘AsteronX’, meaning Star Explorations, is a community of like-minded individuals who live and work in many different countries, who are of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities, who are dedicated to the continued survival of the human race through the conquest-mastery of space and mastery of spaceflight even into true outer space—galactic space—and therefore the technical means to make this a reality. We have joined the community upon our own, voluntary initiative to fulfil the necessary obligations and tasks as equals, and to achieve our primary and secondary goals through laborious work.

What Is the Purpose of the IRIS/AsteronX Community?

In addition to the promotion—but not proselytization—of science and technology, especially as it relates to space and space travel, IRIS/AsteronX promotes additional goals, e.g., the raising of the standard of living for all human beings both currently living and yet unborn, the fight against the destruction of the Earth's environment and climate, and the long-term survival of humanity far into the future.

Another important goal of IRIS/AsteronX is the realisation/achievement of the human being's personal freedom as an individual and as a conscious self-cognitive lifeform in the Cosmos.

So-Called ‘Fringe Science’ and Purely Technological Pursuits as a Scheme

In sharp contrast to many other technical or supposedly technically-oriented groups, especially those that claim to be ‘revolutionary’ or single-handedly ‘paradigm-changing’, the actual achievement of mastering space and space travel among other goals, is far more important to IRIS/AsteronX than all ‘fringe science’ and purely technological aspects combined. At the same time, IRIS/AsteronX does not want to ignore true revolutions or breakthroughs, nor completely or at all ignore or dismiss actual engineering and technical application of concepts, especially when such is necessary and vital to achieve our goals, e.g., new physical theories are needed to work out how to easily reach and exceed the speed of light many times over and without the need to carry much in the way of propellent or fuel, and such things are necessary and vital to achieve a mastery of true outer space.