Tachyonic Super­string Theory

A Revolutionary Grand Unified Field Theory


The following is a summary of our theory, what it is, what it means, and the current state of progress.

What is our theory about?

  1. Our theory is a ‘grand unified field theory’, this is a theory that unifies the different forces of nature, providing a single mathematical description of all forces, and a new unified force that is the ultimately origin of all forces. Each force is a subset of this theoretical unified ur-force (ur: primeval, ‘original’, most fundamental).
  2. We call our theory ‘Tachyonic Superstring Theory’, after one of the main proposals of the theory.

What makes our theory different from other unified field theories?

  1. We present a completely new and unique approach, at the core of which is a new equation we have discovered that gives a time quantum, a particle of time (chronon), derived from the mathematics of Relativity.
  2. This approach effectively replaces Quantum Mechanics, with our equation at the heart of an extended Relativity, which gives the same predictions as the Standard Model within those areas that are already well studied and recorded.
  3. Our theory deviates from other approaches to a unified field theory in another significant way: one of the primary conclusions of the theory is the existence of real and independent tachyon particles, faster than light particles, and ability to change between tachyonic and non-tachyonic states.
  4. The existence of tachyons, and the possibility of the reversal of cause and effect, so effects can precede causes, is of critical importance to the Unification of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. It is through the possibility of a cause and effect reversal that extended Relativity can produce the same results as are currently described by Quantum Mechanics.
  5. It should be noted that our theory does not ‘eliminate’ or ‘get rid of’ Quantum Mechanics or the Standard Model, these and other theories remain perfectly valid within their limits, much as Newtonian physics is perfectly valid within certain limits.

What does our theory mean for everyday life? Put another way, what purpose does our theory serve?

  1. To begin with, tachyonic superstring theory opens the door for many new technologies only dreamed of until now. Some examples include temporal computers (also known as ‘time computers’) that can preform calculations impossible for conventional computers, as well as new kinds of energy and data transfer, and many, many, other possibilities.
  2. The primary purpose of any physical theory is to improve our understanding of nature, an understanding that can then be used to improve the standard of living and create new possibilities and new capabilities.
  3. All scientific theories are judged by the coherence they give to our everyday experience and the simplicity with which they do so. The grand principles of the Cosmos balances of the razor's edge of truth.
  4. One of the most important conclusions of tachyonic superstring theory is the possibility for faster than light motion, and therefore retrocausal (reverse time, resp. backwards in time, reversal of cause and effect) travel and information transfer.

Doesn't faster than light and retrocausal motion or movement make all scientific predictions impossible?

  1. Contrary to an unfounded belief held even by many scientists, the existence of some retrocausal phenomena does not mean the end of scientific prediction or the breakdown of all of the Universe.
  2. This unfounded belief leads to another: that any form of time travel, whether or ships, human beings, or simple information, is seen by many as nothing but fantasy. This could not be further from the truth.
  3. For one, it is quite obvious that the physics we have already studied for many centuries and even millennia does not suddenly cease to be valid, merely because a new field of scientific inquiry cannot be handled in the usual way, which assumes a continuous and unstoppable ‘flow’ of time from past to future. Existing scientific predictions are just as valid as they were a year ago, new knowledge does not invalidate old observations if those observations are accurate, which countless experiments have demonstrated for a great many things.
  4. Secondly, does the world disintegrate just because one does not understand how it works?
  5. We cannot be superstitious or dogmatic, it is unscientific and retards progress, this is a well-established fact.

When will the Tachyonic Superstring Theory be published?

  1. The tachyonic superstring theory paper is currently in the progress of being written, while it is premature to discuss a specific time period, we can say that the mathematical foundations of the theory are mostly complete, for the most part what remains is the explanation of the theory in non-mathematical terms.
  2. We are striving to avoid too much technical jargon, or ‘shop talk’, this naturally requires a more lengthy explanation and takes somewhat longer than if it were a purely mathematical treatise, but we consider the result well worth the additional effort.
  3. Check back here regularly, or follow us on social media to stay up to date with progress on the theory. This really is a revolutionary theory, as time will perhaps tell.