Current projects

Ongoing Project

IRIS-AsteronX Centre

Our first step is to obtain a facility that would serve as the headquarters of the project. Our current intentions are to find land in the Orizaba area of México.

Ongoing Project

The Planet Seeker Telescope

We are developing a gigantic multipart laser space telescope to find habitable planets around alien suns.



Here we present a continuously improved plan regarding the development of futuristic aircraft, aerospacecraft, and spacecraft. This is our practical and pragmatic roadmap to faster than light travel, and faster than light starships.

Physics Project

Tachyonic Superstring Theory

A revolutionary theory that mathematically describes quantum mechanical phenomena in terms of extensions to Einstein's Theory of Relativity by deriving a quantum of time from Relativity itself.

Roadmap and Design Concept

Faster Than Light Starship Design

The first comprehensive and viable faster than light starship design. The Why and the How.